Chibing Korean Restaurant

I must say I’m pretty happy with my workplace as it has good food around the area. Chibing Korean Restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes, from appetizers, to chimaek sets, stews, pancakes, all the way to bingsu! It does sound like a perfect 3 course dinner. Chibing is ideal for big groups as their portions are pretty sizeable and can feed at least 4 people per portion (e.g. the stir fried chicken set we had). Top up with some side dishes and bingsu and you’ll be filled up by the end of your meal. You can head there for a light lunch (if you don’t want to head back to office with food coma to come), or dinner, where you can enjoy the full ‘3-course’ meal.

Their Spicy Stir-Fried Chicken comes adorned with lots of vegetables, so you will not feel guilty. Cabbages, peppers, tomatoes, carrots, and spring onions are lined up side by side with the chicken right in the centre. The pot is heated up to a point where the staff will help you with the frying of the dish. When everything is mixed well, you can start eating.


Spicy Stir-Fried Chicken

YES you can add rice when you have cleared most of the chicken dish and YES you can definitely request for cheese to be added. Mix everything together and you’ve got a well seasoned rice with gooey bits of cheese hiding inside.


Thick Slices of Pork Belly

Chibing does not only have a la carte dishes to offer, but they have their Unlimited BBQ promotion which is about S$20++ for adults and S$10++ for children. For that price you will get unlimited pork belly (pretty thick slices as well), free flow of side dishes, soy bean paste stew (Doenjang-jjigae), rice, and steamed egg. A downside of this promotion is that you have to pay an extra $2 for lettuce and $3 for oyster mushrooms.


Garlic, Pork Belly, Kimchi

​But I’m sure K-BBQ lovers go there for mainly their meat, and Kimchi is already a free-flow side of vegetables so I don’t think it will be an issue! The lady boss also taught as to place the kimchi towards the end of the grill, where the fat from the pork belly will accumulate and cook the kimchi, giving it added flavour. 3 of us shared 11 strips of pork belly and by the end of the meal we were thoroughly satisfied.

1 Vista Exchange Green, # 01-43/K4,
The Star Vista Mall, Singapore 138617

Nearest MRT:
Buona Vista MRT Station (EW21/CC22)

Opening Hours:
Mondays – Saturdays: 11:30AM – 10:00PM
Sundays: 11:00AM – 10:00PM


Ayam Penyet

Ayam penyet, which means “smashed fried chicken” in Javanese, is an Indonesian dish consisting of a piece of fried chicken that is smashed on a pestle and mortar to make it softer, and served with sambal, cucumber slices, fried tofu, and tempeh. I’d dare say that ayam penyet is quite a popular dish here in Singapore, with outlets in coffeeshops, malls, and even schools (cue: NUS Science Canteen)! It will definitely be a hit for deep-fried food lovers AND those that love a good sambal.

My previous time at Ayam Penyet Ria was ages ago and it was a hit back then. Fast forward to 2017, it has since opened a number of branches – 2 in Lucky Plaza, and others at Far East Plaza, and Jurong Point.

Lucky Plaza’s Ayam Penyet Ria outlet on the 4th floor was the choice for dinner on a Friday night. Being early is important as within an hour or so, the seats were filled up really quickly – which shows that it is still a favourite!


General Layout of the Restaurant

I’m quite a skeptical person when it comes to an original outlet having various branches throughout the island as there is a tendency for the quality of the food to deteriorate through the years. However, the food did not disappoint. The fried chicken was crispy, but the meat was a little dry but that could be changed with adjustments to the cooking time! Do take note that their sambal is quite spicy (even for me), so if you’re a moderate spice eater, beware!

To make sure the chicken is moist and juicy after a deep fry, you’ll have to poach the chicken first so that the inside is cooked through. The high heat from the deep fry process is meant to crisp up the meat as a whole, and not really meant for cooking the meat through. So if the poaching process were to be omitted, what you will get is a crispy but overcooked piece of meat. The Ayam Penyet Recipe from Bearnakedfood does this! What the chef also did was to marinate the meat overnight for more flavour and a more tender piece of meat.


Ayam Penyet (Smashed Fried Chicken) – Comes with deep fried beancurd, cucumbers, tempeh, cabbage, and a dollop of sambal

Next up was Tahu Telor aka Beancurd Omelette, also another deep fried dish. This dish is part of the street food culture in Indonesia and it involves a mixture of beaten egg and tofu that is deep fried, and served with a peanut sauce. I am quite sure that the “high tower” shape is a new addition to this dish as normal tahu telors are pretty much flat. To get this “high tower” shape, just use a mould (it has to be metal of course; used soup cans are great, but remove the labels). I am not a big advocate of deep fried eggs as somehow I find that it takes away the flavour of the eggs. Nevertheless, it was still a great dish!


Tahu Telor/Telur – Beancurd Omelette

Lucky Plaza:
204 Orchard Road, #04-25/26 & Level 1,
Lucky Plaza, Singapore 238863

Far East Plaza:
14 Scotts Road, #05-22
Far East Plaza, Singapore 228213

Jurong Point:
1 Jurong West Central 2, #B1-06,
Jurong Point, 648886

Nearest MRT:
For Lucky Plaza and Far East Plaza:
Orchard MRT Station (NS22)

For Jurong Point:
Boon Lay MRT Station (EW27)

Opening Hours:
Mondays – Sundays: 11:00AM – 10:00PM

58 Prawn Mee

Prawn Noodles to end a chaotic YOLO run, why not? I’ve heard of Whitley Road Prawn Mee, Beach Road, Hock Prawn Mee etc but not this one. So credits to my buddies for finding this gem. Like what some people might say, it IS a hidden gem in a coffee shop! “See Beh Ho” Eating House or “Damn good” if you were to do a direct translation, is situated in the midst of residential blocks along Bedok Reservoir Crescent.


If you want good food, you have to queue for it. When we got to the coffee shop, there were at least 4-5 people in front of us. Once it gets to your turn, be VERY CLEAR on what you want.
Here’s how you should order:

  1. The kind of noodles you want.
    • Mee Hoon/Vermicelli/米粉
    • Yellow Mee/黄面
    • Kway Teow/Flat rice noodles/粿条
  2. Dry/Soup
  3. Chilli/No Chilli
  4. Special Order e.g. no beansprouts


When you’re prepared, go forth into the battlefield. Don’t worry as the lady taking your order is very nice. She’ll recite your order, almost like a rap, to another lady who will prepare the noodles and other necessary ingredients in a bowl before handing it to the chef.

Personally, I ordered the Pork Ribs Prawn Noodle (S$6) and went for the vermicelli/yellow noodle mix (米粉面) as I know it’s a combo that will not go wrong. The sauce right at the bottom of the bowl, followed by the noodles, then generous slices of lean pork meat and prawns, finally ending with fried shallots and a personal favourite, LARD. Both the pork ribs and prawns are cooked well. Noodles coated with their chilli was amazing. Here’s another tip, do the same for every mouthful if you can. Start with the noodles, the pork and prawns, and then the crispy goodies, all in your spoon.


704 Bedok Reservoir Rd,
Singapore 470704
See Beh Ho Eating House

Nearest MRT:
Bedok North Station (DT29)
It’s an approximately 8 minute walk from the station.

Little Diner @ Bukit Timah

Little Diner sits right almost in the middle of a bunch of shophouses along Bukit Timah Road. One of my colleagues have been telling me about the food, so one fine day, we all headed there for lunch! It’s not difficult to miss as it is very near the Sixth Avenue Station (DT7). Once you’re out of the station, another 2 minutes walk and you will be at the restaurant.


Though not a very spacious restaurant, dim lights, wooden tables and chairs, and hearty conversations over drinks make it cozy.

They have a Weekday Set Lunch Menu which costs S$22.5++  per person. This includes one starter (from a choice of 5), one main (from a choice of 6), and either tea or coffee. For dessert lovers, top up an additional S$4++ and choose any dessert from their Main Menu!


Rosario’s Fried Risotto Balls: Mozzarella Centre, Tomato Coulis, Basil Pesto, and sprinkled with grated Parmesan cheese.

For starters, I had the chance to try their Risotto Balls. Crispy on the outside, and a melty mozzarella on the inside. It is served with tomato coulis and a basil pesto. (FYI: A coulis is a thick sauce made from puréed and strained vegetables, or fruits.) You can’t go wrong when basil and tomato sauce are paired together, but I felt that the tomato sauce was a little on the sweet side and I would personally prefer it to be more acidic.


Rustic Lamb Ragu: Shredded Lamb Shank in a Rich Marinara Sauce, Tagliatelle, Drizzled with Basil Oil and grated Parmesan cheese.

Instead of going for their set lunch, I was rather interested in one of the dishes on their main menu: Rustic Lamb Ragu. Lamb shank is cooked in a Marinara sauce for possibly hours resulting in meat so tender that it can be pulled apart very easily. One of my biggest pet peeves is overcooked pasta – soggy, soft, unappetizing. But Little Diner tosses the ragu sauce with al dente Tagliatelle, ends it by drizzling with basil oil and a sprinkle of grated Parmesan cheese. A pleasure in every bite.

For desserts, we went all out and chose four. Apologies for the absence of dessert photos as our mouths were faster than our phones. Homemade Apple Crumble was not too bad, but we felt that more crumble could be added to give a better combination of textures. Banana & Nutella Quesadilla was an interesting concept, but I would have preferred the use of crêpes as it is softer and it is frequently used in desserts. Chocolate Pot De Crème, a chocolate mousse top with whipped cream, was light which made it better and easier for us to finish. Chocolate Lava Cake was pretty much the star, with a well-cooked exterior and a molten interior, everything you wish for in a lava cake.

It’s worth a trip down for a nice lunch and transport isn’t too difficult! If not, TGIF can be spent over good food and a couple of drinks too!

789 Bukit Timah Rd,
Singapore 269763

Nearest MRT:
Sixth Avenue Station (DT7)
Take Exit A.

Opening hours:
Tuesday – Thursday: 11:30AM – 3:30PM, 6 – 10:00PM
Friday: 11:30AM – 3:30PM, 6 – 10:30PM
Saturday: 11AM – 3:30PM, 6 – 10:30PM
Sunday: 11AM – 3:30PM, 6 – 10PM
Closed on Mondays.

Chin Huat Live Seafood

It HAS been a while since I last had good seafood. The last time would be..scallops in Borough Market? Burger & Lobster in London? Chin Huat Live Seafood was our stop. Before you enter the restaurant, you will be greeted by glass aquariums with fresh seafood. Lobsters that were probably longer and thicker than my forearm, crabs so huge they could just engulf my face.IMG_4296

We did not just order these four dishes, as there were other appetizers and all, but these were, in my opinion, the main stars of that dinner. The lobster was cooked in their own Superior Broth. A common mistake would be to either undercook the lobster, making it absolutely uneatable, or overcook it, rendering it really tough but still eatable.  However, Chin Huat did it well as the meat was tender and seasoned well by the broth.

The next two dishes were chilli crab and one of the menu highlights: Golden Sauce Crab. The crab was cooked in their signature sambal-based gravy, with corn starch and egg to thicken the sauce. Pair the sauce with white rice, happy days.

What impressed me was the Golden Sauce Crab. Some of you might have heard of or tried it before but I have not really heard of cooking crabs in a pumpkin based sauce. The sauce is so creamy, with a hint of spice from chilli padi and fragrance from curry leaves. You MUST order their deep-fried mantou which sells for $1 a piece. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. Dip it well into either sauces (chilli crab/golden sauce), and enjoy the burst of flavours.

Last dish was Chye Por Hor Fun, a dish so filled with wok hei, succulent prawns, covered in a blanket of fried egg.

(I found a recipe for pumpkin king prawns here! But I believe that recipe can be applied to crabs as well! Thanks to Chefandsommelier!)

Blk 105 Clementi St 12, #01-30,
Singapore 120105

Nearest MRT:
Clementi MRT Station (EW23)
Buses: 52, 154, 184
(Take to the bus-stop “Blk 109”, ID:12061)

Opening hours:
11.30AM – 2.30PM
5.00PM – 10.30PM


Lean Bento

Most of the people I know are into healthy eating these days, me included. (Well, ONCE IN A WHILE.) Healthy food need not be boring, tasteless and lack of variety. It can be done well, if you set your heart to it! And I think Lean Bento’s doing a pretty good job!

Lean Bento’s located in a nice spot on Holland Drive, and I don’t think you will miss this shop as it has got a pretty big sign. It is also very near Holland Drive Market and Food Centre too!

(Check out their Facebook page or their Instagram page!)


It’s not too big as you can see from the photos, but it is still cozy. High tables on the right, normal tables on the left. If you’re coming in big groups, do take note that you might be separated.


Once you’re in the restaurant, the menu is there in full view, ranging from breakfast, to lunch & dinner, and finally desserts.


Water, serviettes, and cutlery are available on both sides of the restaurant so you don’t have to go back to the same spot repeatedly.


We were there for dinner so we had quite a lot of choices, from their normal sized bento to their mega-sized ones, also known as “Mega Hero Bento”. I decided on making my own bento set with chilli chicken, sushi multigrain rice, with sides of scrambled eggs, corn, and a salad drizzled with a honey miso sauce.

I love how the rice is cooked perfectly and it is neither soggy nor undercooked. If I’m not wrong, they used chicken thighs which are more tender and cooks better as compared to chicken breast, which will become dry and hard once you overcook it. It was seasoned well, but I believe they could go easier on the salt. Scrambled eggs was quite creamy, and personally I would have preferred the really creamy ones with only bits of cooked egg. Nonetheless, it is not very common to see cafes paying attention to a simple but difficult-to-get-right dish such as scrambled eggs.


If you’re into healthy eating, or looking for vegan/vegetarian options, Lean Bento has it!

43 Holland Drive, #01-49, 270043

Nearest MRT:
Buona Vista Station (EW21/CC22)

Opening hours:
Mon – Fri: 10AM – 9PM
Sat – Sun: 10AM – 6PM


Food Tour (III) Prego’s @ Fairmont Singapore

Our final stop was to Prego’s at Fairmont Singapore. Chef de Cuisine Antonio Facchinetti made it a family-sharing styled lunch/dinner compared to the individual servings we had earlier on. Amazing dishes such as Insalata Caprese (correct me if I’m wrong!) – a dish with buffalo mozzarella that was so soft, fresh tomatoes, fresh basil, drizzled with balsamic vinegar; Plus my personal favourites, Penne Tartufate – penne with sautéed mushrooms and a truffle cream sauce, pasta was cooked al dente, sauce was not too heavy;  and Prego’s ‘House Signature’ Tiramisu, which was extremely light and had a great balance of coffee and liqueur.


Insalata Caprese (Vine Ripened Tomatoes with Buffalo Mozzarella)


Penne Tartufate (Pasta with Sauteed Wild Mushrooms in a Truffle Cream Sauce)


Cappellacci di Zucca




With Maureen (misstamchiak)

There were other dishes that did not make it into these photo slideshow but they were great as well. I am so grateful to Maureen for organizing this food tour and picking the 10 winners too! Through this food tour I met 9 other foodies that had so much love for food, and the great lengths they go to arranging their food for a photo shot.

Don’t forget to check out the Accor Hotels Food and Wine Festival from the 4th to the 12th of November and there will be a total of 40 restaurants and bars taking part in this festival!

P.S. I ended the food tour at night with a Backstreet Boys concert at the Indoor Stadium. So darn good, as always.

Food Tour (II) Ellenborough Market Cafe @ Swissotel Merchant Court

Second stop was to the Ellenborough Market Cafe at Swissotel Merchant Court. Helmed by Chef Louis Tay, this restaurant aims to serve the best of Peranakan Cuisine, alongside Asian and International goodies. For the AccorHotels Food & Wine Festival, the Cafe will be serving a Tiffin Set for two.


Hee Pioh Soup


Stir-fried Chincalok Pork


Lady’s Fingers with Sambal Belachan


Ikan Assam Pedas


Turmeric Rice


Pièce de résistance: Durian Pengat drizzled with Gula Melaka


Assorted Nyonya Kueh


Hee Pioh Soup, also known as Meatball and Fish Maw Soup. As clear as it seems, every spoonful gives a burst of intense flavour.

Main Course:
Served with a main staple of Turmeric Rice, you’ll have Stir-fried Chincalok Pork, Ikan Assam Pedas, and Lady’s Fingers with Sambal Belachan. My personal favourite was Ikan Assam Pedas – fresh fish, and the broth was a fine balance between sour and spicy.

Assorted Nyonya Kueh. We were very lucky to be served an additional bowl of Durian Pengat which is topped with a drizzle of Gula Melaka (this will be on the a la carte menu during the festival). Sinful but oh so good.

Food Tour (I) Racines @ Sofitel Singapore City Centre

In conjunction with the AccorHotels Food and Wine Festival that will be held from the 4th to the 12th of November, 10 lucky readers were chosen by Maureen a.k.a MissTamChiak to join her on a food tour to three hotels and taste the food that will be offered during the festival. And, I was one of them! I never thought I would win a contest but I bet you could imagine my joy when I did.

First stop was to Racines at Sofitel Singapore City Centre. Only opened for approximately three weeks, the ambience, the architecture, furniture, staff, and most importantly, the open-concept kitchen caught my eye and I fell in love with this restaurant almost immediately. Executive Chef Jean-Charles Dubois made sure that we were all satisfied (and more) with the four-course meal. I was, and still am, very satisfied indeed.


Carpaccio of Hokkaido Sea Scallops with House Made Tarama, drizzled with Chive Oil and Grated Yuzu. Fresh with a great combination of textures.



A Traditional Lobster Bisque with Coral Oil, Basil, Emmental Ravioli, and Micro Cress. The ravioli was served first, before the lobster bisque was poured in. Past experiences with lobster bisque was a thick soup, but this was the opposite. Not thick, but still full of flavour.



Main Course:
48 Hour Slow-Cooked Wagyu Beef Cheek, Truffled Mashed Potatoes and Seasonal Greens. 2 days of tender, loving care, resulting in meat that cuts without much force. Creamy mash, with greens that are cooked perfectly. None of your overcooked nonsense.



Azuki Bean Cream, Orange Peel (Candied), Mochi, and Hand-made Green Tea Ice Cream. Thank you very Matcha for a perfect end to an amazing meal.

South Union Park

Hidden in the residential areas about a 7 minute walk from Kembangan MRT station, you’ll find situated in a corner a nice little bistro that sits about 50+ people comfortably. I learnt from Danielfooddiary that they opened in March last year and how the chefs were trained in fine-dining techniques and modified their dishes for a casual dining experience.

Scotch eggs are commonly part of picnic menus over in the United Kingdom and the sausage meat is normally seasoned with herbs such as sage (sage+pork are great buddies), thyme and parsley. Over here at South Union Park, it had an oriental feel to it because there were hints of lemongrass and ginger which were pretty new to me but still tasted great! (And the eggs were cooked well, with a runny centre!)

This would definitely be a recommended dish – Squid Ink Risotto ($26). Risotto cooked al dente, topped with generous portions of well-cooked squid, prawns, and clams. The slight citrus hit would be due to the grated lemon zest which does lift the whole dish. The best thing about this dish is the absence of a fishy taste. My past experiences with squid-ink related dish has been nothing but fishy, but not this time.

Another dish that is a must try would be Poutine ($12), a ducky, cheesy, potato-y bowl of goodness. Just think fries with duck gravy and melted cheese – that’ll get you drooling.

We decided to order one of each dessert – Brownie ($9), topped with a generous scoop of salted caramel ice cream, candied walnuts, and butter scotch; Passionfruit Carrot Fondant ($14), with frozen yoghurt and a carrot ginger purée; Roasted Pineapple & Coconut Parfait ($11), with butter cookies, coconut, and oat granola; Banana Chocolate Parfait ($8), with banana & chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, and candied walnuts. (Photos of both parfaits are not displayed here, but it was delectable!)

The brownie is shown above, while the fondant is shown below.

Brownie was served warm with a soft interior. It was a combination of great textures – the nuts, the soft salted caramel ice cream, the warm brownie, all enveloped by gooey butterscotch.

The Passionfruit Carrot Fondant had an unique taste – an interesting amalgamation of flavours and ingredients such as a carrot ginger puree! I wouldn’t call this dish an acquired taste, but a one that plays with your tastebuds! The fondant was cooked perfectly, with a molten centre, similar in principle to that of a chocolate fondant.


And here’s us, with our satisfied faces after a wonderful meal. Staff were all very friendly and ready to help. I’m definitely coming back because they change their menu every 6 months! So head down to South Union Park to give the dishes a try!

Check them out at instagram here!

101 Jln Kembangan,
Singapore 419139

Nearest MRT:
Kembangan MRT Station (EW6)
The bistro is a 7-8 minute walk from the station.

Opening hours:
Closed on Mondays
Tues – Thurs: 5.30PM – 10:00PM
Fri: 11:30AM – 10:00PM
Sat: 9:00AM – 10:00PM
Sun: 9:00AM – 9:00PM